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Alexander Kovarovic is an inspiring public figure, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur who began his mission of inspiring others after is own battle with mental health and eating disorders. He now runs one of the nations largest online safety nonprofit organizations, the National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force and he also directs the National Dating Abuse Intervention Team. Kovarovic owns CYL Media and Events, a national event and media promotion company.  He is the author of “Change Your Life” and “I Hate Myself” and is a traveling motivational speaker at schools, colleges, and events. He also directs Mental Health Central, an all online community of people working to spread awareness on mental health illnesses. Kovarovic has won numerous awards including Investigation Discovery’s Inspire a Difference Award and the National Awesome Award. He’s been featured on MTV News, ABC News, FOX, and Investigation Discovery. His main passion is helping people and he does so through his nonprofit, his company, and his online groups. 

"You can change your life today."

"Don't take away your future."


-Alexander Kovarovic

The Change Your Life movement was created in 2018 after Alexander Kovarovic's own battles with mental illness, eating disorders, and self harm. The movement was designed to help teens nationwide both online and in their own lives. In early 2019, Kovarovic moved the National Youth ISTF, National DAIT, and the CYL Media and Events Company under the Change Your Life Official Movement so that everything would allign in the mission of preventing teen suicide.


Alexander Kovarovic

Progress to date

When Alexander Kovarovic was 17, he suffered from depression, anxiety, and two eating disorders, as well as a severe self harming addiction. He attempted suicide during high school and was fighting to keep himself alive. After a bad self harming incident, he realized that if he didn't turn his life around, he wouldn't make it. Fast forward several months, Alex started a Facebook group to help teens facing similar mental health illnesses he was battling with. The group became very successful and that motivated Alex to change the lives of people that needed help.


In February of 2018, Alex started the National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force. The National Youth Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Task Force promotes safe online practices for kids and teens. It also serves as a catalyst to prevent teen suicide, bullying, and child sex trafficking. The task force is a 501(c)(3) federal human service nonprofit organization.


In April of 2018, Alex started CYL Media and Events Company

The Change Your Life Media and Events Company, owned by Alexander Kovarovic is an event promotion company that plans and hosts events, helps plan fundraisers, and works with the media to bring spotlights on hero’s nationwide. The company also promotes books, markets public figures, and works with celebrities. The company hosts one event per month where all of the event income is donated directly to a person in need.


In May of 2019, Alex founded the National DAIT, which stands for National Dating Abuse Intervention Team. The National Dating Abuse Intervention Team works to prevent teen dating abuse, teen sexual abuse, and unhealthy online relationships amongst teenagers.


In September of 2019, Alex founded Mental Health Central.

Mental Health Central is an all online community of professionals, community leaders, and everyday people who work to spread awareness on mental health illnesses including depression and anxiety. It also serves to aid anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts and/or self harming behaviors.


Inspire a Difference Award

Investigation Discovery Television

April 13th, 2019

Neighborhoods Against Drugs Recognition Award

November 22nd, 2017

Everyday Young Hero Award

Youth Service America

June 9th, 2017


and many more...


Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health

Certificate in Domestic Violence Screening

Certificate in Primary Care Management

Certificate in Intimate Partner Violence Intervention

Certificate in Mental Health Screening Tools and Mental Wellness

Certificate in Substance Use and Abuse Management

Certificate in Sexual Violence Training for Community Health

Stanford University

Certificate in Human Trafficking Awareness and Intervention

Pediatric First Aid Course Certificate

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Preventing Suicide in Emergency Patients Course Completion

Crisis Text Line

Crisis Counselor Certificate and 40 Hours Completion

EMS National Academy

Narcotic Abuse and Intervention Course Completion

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