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Education and Resource Center

       The One Life Project's Education and Resource Center (ERC) contains hundreds of statistics, facts, laws, tips, and resources on a variety of things including topics of mental health, domestic violence, sexual assault, stress management, struggles in college, and a lot more. The ERC is updated daily as we are continuously adding new resources and information to better serve communities around the world. 

       The One Life Project works with various other nonprofits, crisis hotlines, and centers for growth around the world and their information can be found by clicking here. We also have a special page for LGBTQ+ youth that also has resources on a variety of LGBTQ+ topics. That can be found by clicking here.

       Between 2009 and 2019, rates of teen depression and feelings of hopelessness/loneliness rose by over fourteen percentage points. Many of these teens don't reach out for help.  Similar statistics were found in college students and young adults. Because of this recent rise in mental illness, we must work together to share resources that can help save lives!



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