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Tips for parents

Have a curfew

They may not like it all of the time, but it's for their safety. Teenagers should never be allowed out of the house at night if you don't know where they will be.

Meet your child's boyfriend/girlfriend

It may be awkward to them at first, but it's very important for parents to meet the teen who will be spending time with your child. Invite them over for dinner or go out to the mall for the day!

Emergency planning

Have an emergency plan for when they're out, such as having them text you if a date is going bad.

Check in with them

Don't text your teen every 5 seconds, but do keep tabs on where they are and what they are planning on doing.

Talk to your child about peer pressure

Talk with your child about what peer pressure is and let them know that it's never okay for someone to control you into doing something, especially if they are uncomfortable with it.

Look Out For Red Flags

Keep your eye out for possible forms of abuse or sexual abuse. If you suspect abuse, sit down with your child and explain your concerns. Let them know that you are worried and that you're always there for them!

Teen Dating Abuse

Teenagers often involve themselves in the world of dating. Many parents worry about their teenagers dating or even making new friends and often times, parents aren't sure what to do if their teenager gets involved in a dangerous online relationship.

Teen dating can be a wonderful new experience if done safety. However, many teenagers don't know the warning signs of an unsafe relationship and most teenagers are too involved in finding love, that they don't pay attention to who they're really talking to.

Many teens meet new people through social media, chatroom's, and video games, however teenagers don't really know the person, because they've never met them in person.

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