About Us

The One Life Project is a nationwide movement that's on a mission to help teens struggling with mental illness, bullying, and dating abuse in the hopes of preventing teen suicide. The One Life Project was founded by Alexander Kovarovic on September 25th, 2020 after one of Alex's friends took her own life. One of our main goals is to help teens feel less isolated so they will eventually reach out for help and build their self esteem and self worth back up where it belongs. The One Life Project is an official nonprofit organization and has no employees. Everyone from the founder down to our social media posters are completely volunteer.

One Life was named after the idea that we all only have one life here on Earth and that we can't afford to spend it in pain or feeling like we aren't good enough.

We use social media as a main tool to reach teens across the United States. We post awareness contentinspiring quotes, information for teens who are struggling, and we use social media to work toward ending the stigma surrounding mental health. The One Life Project also hosts several events in various states                         throughout the year to raise community awareness to these issues we are working to help teens battle. To learn more about One Life and why it was founded, click here.

Suicide Prevention Resources