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High school

A high school graduation is the end of one chapter and the start of the next for many high school seniors. It can be very scary for seniors, regardless of whether they are going to college, going into the workforce, or taking a gap year off. It can also be a big change for a lot of young adults post graduation. Because of these reasons, it is very normal to experience some level of anxiety or nervousness as graduation approaches or after graduation.

Upon high school graduation, you are sent into a whole new world filled with possibilities and a great deal of unknowns. Most high school graduates feel some kind of anxiety and nervousness surrounding their life and what next steps will be once they graduate. Many graduates fear they aren't ready to leave home, become an adult, and become more independent.


The structure and schedules you followed for the first 17 or 18 years of your life have suddenly disappeared and you are now left independent, often surrounded by new people, especially if college is your chosen path. It's important to remember that these feelings of anxiety and depression are normal and are experienced by many high school graduates each year.

Young Adults and Mental Health

Over the last three years, over 45% of young adults have stated that they have struggled with mental health and lower self esteem, and this is especially true post COVID-19.

Mental health issues are important and need to be treated as they put young people at increased risk of suicide. Statistics show that over the past ten years, there has been a 40% increase in young adults thinking about suicide and has continued to get worse post COVID-19.

Suicide is among the top leading causes of death for young adults in the United States. Education, advocacy, activism, and treatment all play hand in hand in helping prevent suicide.

Street Band
Woman on Her Smart Phone


Social media is as popular as ever, with multiple new social media platforms coming out each month. In 2023, young people have access to hundreds of social media platforms, dating sites, anonymous chat sites, and various other websites and platforms to use. Keeping safe on social media is essential for all young people.


While social media safety is often seen as a child or teen related issue, it also is important for young adults as well. 

Self esteem
& Confidence

Self-esteem and self-confidence are very important, especially as we are growing up and going through teenage years and transitioning into young adulthood. So many factors play into self esteem and how we view ourselves.


Self-esteem is how you see yourself on the inside. Self-esteem has a great impact on the confidence you project into the world. 


Both self-confidence and self-esteem are very essential to your success in the future, so it’s important to cultivate your strength now and believe in your ability to make a difference. One Life Project staff created this page to help you build your self-esteem and recognize your worth.

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