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One Life Project Staff and Leadership Team

President's Office: Senior Executive Management

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Alexander J.  Kovarovic

Senior Executive President

and Chief Executive Officer


Anastazia Souchitski

Senior Executive

President's Assistant

Image 5-23-24 at 10.26 PM.jpeg

Isabella Lambert


President's Assistant


Bill Boland

Executive President of

Development and Outreach


Alex McBrayer

Executive President of

Education and Advocacy

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Emily Richardson

Executive President of
Business and Planning


Aimee Eddy Gross

Vice President of Education and Research

Image 5-23-24 at 11.40 PM.jpeg

Joshua Weiser

Vice President of Education

and Advocacy

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Catherine Noie

Assistant Vice President of Education

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Jonathan Moorwood

Vice President of Outreach

Sydney Thurman-Baldwin Full Sized Headshot Photo.jpg.JPEG

Sydney Thurman-Baldwin

Chief Advocacy Officer


Kortnee Kica

Chief Awareness Officer

Maveah Griffith

Chief Development Officer


Enrique Davila

Chief Public Relations Officer

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Gabriel Lavi

Director of Education and Research

Patrick Bennett

Design Development Manager

Executive Business Office


Joseph Kovarovic

Vice President of Events

and Strategy Management

Sarah Nelson

Associate Director of

Special Events and Fundraising

OLP Coming Soon Picture.png

Kimberly Ann

Vice President of Corporate

Business Donations

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Madison Carrillo

Business Planning Coordinator

Image 5-25-24 at 1.00 AM.jpeg

Amir Abouarra

Director of Finance and Logistics


Mackenzie Taylor

Fundraising Logistics Manager

Image 4-17-24 at 11_edited.jpg

Michael Baer

Board of Directors President

Image 6-16-24 at 10.14 PM.jpeg


Board of Directors Chairperson

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