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One Life Project Staff and Leadership Team

President's Office: National Executive Senior Management

Alexander J.  Kovarovic

President and Chief Executive Officer


Anastazia Souchitski

Senior Executive President's Assistant


Alex McBrayer

Associate Executive Director

Image 3-16-24 at 9.13 PM.jpeg

Bill Boland

Executive Vice President


Aimee Eddy Gross

Vice President of Education

Christopher M. Collar

Vice President of Development

image0 (5).jpeg

Jonathan Moorwood

Vice President of Outreach

Image 3-24-24 at 4_edited.jpg

Madison Carrillo

Presdient's Office Coordinator

Executive Management Office: National and Regional Leaders


Maveah Griffith

Chief Development Officer


Joshua Weiser

Chief Activism and Public Policy Officer

Sydney Thurman-Baldwin

Chief Advocacy Officer


Kortnee Kica

Chief Awareness Officer

Shree Portonovo - November 2023.png

Shree Portonovo

Chief Impact and People Officer


Emily Richardson

Chief Administrative Manager


Amir Abouarra

Chief Donations Coordinator

Candace Lindsey JBCC Bio Pic 1337.JPG

Candace Lindsey

Director of Diversity and Equity


Mackenzie Taylor

Executive Partnerships Manager


Joseph Kovarovic

Director of Events and Fundraising

Untitled design (11).png

Dolly Hiller

Chief Public Relations Officer


Enrique Davila

Co-Chief Public Relations Officer

Patrick Bennett

Design Development Manager

OLP Coming Soon Picture.png

Gabriel Lavi

Director of Education and Research

Image 3-23-24 at 10.34 PM.jpeg

Isabella Lambert

College Partnerships Coordinator





President and ceo

Alexander Kovarovic founded the One Life Project in 2018 and  Our Colors United in 2023. He is currently the national President and CEO for the organization. Alex leads the volunteer and employee teams and all nonprofit efforts across the United States. After his own battle with mental health, self-harming, low self esteem, and a suicide attempt, Alex worked hard to get help and started the nonprofit when he was seventeen years old to help assist other young people who were going through similar things he was going through. In 2018, a social media post Alex posted went viral and was shared over 70 million times which drove a large amount of traffic to the nonprofit and was really the start of our continued success.  Alex is the author of two books, is a motivational school speaker, and works on social media to spread positivity and kindness. Outside of his work, Alex is currently finishing his degree at Penn State University. With his countless hours of work leading the nonprofit, Alex has won numerous awards including Investigation Discovery’s Inspire a Difference Award, New York's Shining Star Award, and the National Awesome Award. He has been featured in hundreds of news and media pieces including features on MTV News, ABC News, CBS World News, CNN, and Investigation Discovery. 

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