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Pride Flags
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LGBTQ+ education

Based on recent statistics, LGBTQ youth are more than four times likely to experience bullying and harassment in schools. LGBTQ+ youth often face higher rates of mental health challenges as well. In 2021, The Trevor Project reported that 42% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.

At the forefront for LGBTQ+ youth is acceptance, which is paramount for fostering a society built on principles of inclusivity, equality, and respect for diversity. Acceptance ensures that individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities can live authentically without fear of discrimination, prejudice, or marginalization. Acceptance promotes mental and emotional well-being, reducing the adverse effects of social stigma and discrimination that LGBTQ individuals may face. Accepting other people for who they are creates a more compassionate, harmonious, and equitable world for everyone.

LGBTQ youth who live in a community that is accepting of LGBTQ people reported significantly lower rates of attempting suicide than those who do not.

The One Life Project works to empower and uplift LGBTQ youth by fostering an inclusive, supportive, and affirming environment for all. We are dedicated to promoting the well-being and rights of LGBTQ youth through advocacy, education, and community-building initiatives. Together, we will work towards building a future where every LGBTQ young person can thrive, contributing their unique strengths to a society that celebrates diversity and values the inherent worth of every individual.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy

The One Life Project is steadfast in its commitment to advocating for LGBTQ youth by employing a multi-faceted approach that encompasses awareness, support, and systemic change. Through targeted educational initiatives, we aim to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by LGBTQ youth, fostering empathy, understanding, and dismantling stereotypes. Our organization actively engages in community-building efforts, providing safe spaces and support networks where LGBTQ youth can connect, share experiences, and find support.

We advocate for policy changes and legal measures that safeguard the rights and well-being of LGBTQ youth, working to eliminate discriminatory practices in education, healthcare, and other vital areas. The One Life Project collaborates with schools, community organizations, universities, and policymakers to implement inclusive policies that create environments where LGBTQ youth feel accepted and valued.

Additionally, we champion mental health initiatives tailored to the specific needs of LGBTQ youth, recognizing the higher rates of mental health challenges they may face. By supporting and advocating for youth, and promoting destigmatization, we strive to create a supportive community that addresses the mental and emotional well-being of LGBTQ youth.

Through strategic partnerships, advocacy campaigns, and grassroots community efforts and fundraisers, the One Life Project is dedicated to creating a world where LGBTQ youth can thrive authentically, with the unwavering belief that their identities deserve celebration, respect, and equal opportunities. The One Life Project is a safe place for all.

Pride Parade

Our Colors United

In June of 2023, the One Life Project launched Our Colors United, an online LGBTQ+ education and activism team that operates within the One Life Project to promote education, inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth across social media and online. It quickly took off and just 6 months later, we have over 100k followers across the Our Colors United social media pages that have formed a community to provide a safe place for LGBTQ+ youth, their families, and their allies to come to feel accepted, heard, and supported.

what is pride?

The term "Pride" holds significant meaning within the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ Pride, often simply called "Pride," is a global movement and series of events that celebrate the identities, accomplishments, and resilience of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other marginalized sexual and gender identities.

Pride events, including parades, festivals, and community gatherings, typically take place in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969, a pivotal moment in the LGBTQ+ rights movement. These events are both a celebration of diversity and a call for equal rights and acceptance.

The One Life Project takes part in over a dozen pride events each year and hosts are own event in New York every June. Together, we can foster a world where everyone can feel loved, supported, and accepted. At the end of the day, we're all human.

Pride Parade

Pride Flags

Pride flags represent a variety of LGBTQ+ people and each one has a unique and special meaning behind it.

Pride Flag

Progress Pride Flag

Rainbow Pride Flag

Trans Pride Flag

Bisexual Pride Flag

Lesbian Pride Flag

Pride x Acceptance

LGBTQ+ youth often struggle with mental health and bullying. Surveys have shown that over 45 percent of young people who are part of the LGBTQ+ community have had thoughts about suicide in the past year. Over 52 percent of transgender youth have thought about suicide in the past year. Because LGBTQ+ youth often face factors such as bullying, discrimination, rejection, and higher levels of violence, they are at a higher risk of challenges including depression, anxiety, and attempting suicide. However, there are ways that parents and others can support their mental health and help them grow up safe and happy. It all starts with acceptance. Even if you don't understand, acceptance is very important when someone comes out to you. It's very hard to come out and they probably contemplated it a lot. Accepting them for who they are is the first step in understanding LGBTQ+ individuals. It's okay to ask questions to try and understand better.


Pride x School

Coming out as a student can be very challenging. It comes with a fear of being judged, of people in school finding out, and of embarrassment that you won't fit in with other students. At the end of the day, coming out is on your time, when you feel comfortable. When it's time, it's important not to feel embarrassed or judged. Be proud of who you are, even if you aren't like others. It takes strength to be who you are and stand up for what you believe in. While acceptance is important, creating a safe environment is equality important, both in school and outside of school.

Need Support?

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an LGBTQ+ Youth support network with a 24/7 crisis center that you can reach to talk about anything you need to talk about. The Trevor Project is a leading nonprofit organization with a focus on protecting and helping LGBTQ+ youth with acceptance and mental health.

Our Colors United is a worldwide movement that works to spread love, acceptance, and advocacy within the LGBTQ+ community. The platform was created by One Life Project President and CEO Alexander Kovarovic. Their Instagram page can be found by clicking here.

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