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Center For Advocacy and Activism

Ways We Advocate For Others

Advocating for mental health involves various actions that collectively contribute to raising awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting positive change. Here are several ways the One Life Project advocates for youth and those we support:

  1. Raising Awareness: By sharing information about mental health through social media, blogs, or community events, we are able to reach over 10 million people every month. We use social media to promote support, educate, and dispel myths and provide accurate, compassionate information to increase understanding.

  2. Telling Our Stories: Personal narratives have a powerful impact. Many of our staff and volunteers share their own experiences across social media and at school workshops to help break down stereotypes and encourage open conversations for youth.

  3. Promoting Education: The One Life Project works to advocate for mental health education in schools, workplaces, and communities. We encourage the inclusion of mental health topics in curriculum to foster awareness from an early age. Through our numerous partnerships with schools and colleges, we're able to directly work with students and young people across the country.

  4. Combating Stigma: We challenge stereotypes and discriminatory language surrounding mental health. We promote mindfulness of language to help promote a stigma-free environment. We use social media and our large following as well as at events and school workshops to promote positivity.

  5. Advocating for Policy Change: Our center stays informed on mental health policies in communities and states across the United State. We advocate for change that improves access to mental health services, reduces stigma, and supports mental health initiatives. We advocate for policy change and promote activism through rallies, community events, through social media, and by sitting down with politicians, which we've done numerous times including with staff in The White House and in numerous state governments.

  6. Participating in Events: The One Life Project organizes over 20 mental health awareness events, walks, and campaigns in 20 different communities each year. These activities provide platforms for sharing information, fostering community support, and demonstrating solidarity. We also host over 50 additional events a year, attend over 200 other events, and partner with over 500 businesses, organizations, and other nonprofits each year where we're able to promote advocacy and our activism efforts.

  7. Encourage Self-Care: We heavily promote the importance of self-care and mental well-being. We encourage individuals to prioritize their mental health, whether through exercise, mindfulness, or seeking professional help when needed.

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