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High School Graduation

After graduating high school, many young people struggle to decide what to do, where they want to go, and whether they want to go to college or not. Post-graduation depression and anxiety are very real and affects thousands of teens each year. When we graduate high school, a new life chapter starts and anytime change occurs, it can be scary. The unknown can be scary, but it's important to take your time and make decisions you think you'll be happy with. It's important to talk to your high school counselor and talk through which pathway would be good for you post high school. The most important thing to remember is that whether you go to college, go into the workforce, take some time off, or decide to do something else, it's okay. Sometimes its just takes time!

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Why are high school seniors stressed?

Fear of starting over

For high school seniors, life can be very stressful. From anxiety, nervousness, and worry to figuring out the future, it can be difficult to make decisions on what the future will be.

Fear of decisions

Whether a high school senior chooses college, the workforce, or taking a little time to make a decision, anxiety can cause seniors to panic on whether they will get accepted into the school they want or whether a job offer will be extended.

Fear of leaving home

Leaving home can be very stressful, especially when going to college. Leaving behind everything you know can be stressful and scary for teenagers, especially when their chosen school is far away.

Fear of abilities

It's common for high schoolers to fear that they won't be able to accomplish certain things or that they are not good enough for some things, but the truth is that anything is attainable if you work hard for it. Encouraging a high school senior can make a big difference to them, especially as graduation approaches.

How do you deal with depression and anxiety after graduation?

Stay connected

Staying in contact with friends after high school is important as they will be facing similar difficulties and feelings and may be able to offer advice and support as you navigate the next chapter of your life.

Maintain interests and hobbies and create new ones

Make sure you keep doing the things you enjoy, especially as you begin a new life chapter. Staying connected with your hobbies is healthy and good for self growth. It's also important to try new things as this will be a great tool for meeting new people, even in a new city or state.

Reach out for help if you need it 

Talking to a school guidance counselor or a therapist is always a good choice if post graduation anxiety and depression is interfering with your day to day life and your relationships with others.

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