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Your Support Makes A Difference

When you give to the One Life Project, you are assisting teens and young adults by providing mental health education, resources, and support to thousands of people and communities across the United States.

How does my donation help?

  • ​Allows us to educate young people on mental health, suicide, and a variety of other topics by performing award winning research, polling, and source information gathering. This allows us to create, develop, and release numerous educational material, programs, and workshops that are designed for schools and colleges.

  • We are able to support youth through workshops, school speaking events, community mental health fairs, and various other educational and self building programs and events.

  • Allows us to advocate for young people to help change public laws, work directly with school districts on changing and updating rules, and finally, allows us to meet with college and k-12 school officials to discuss mental health education and how specific schools are performing with educating youth so that we can help change or better their education and understanding on these topics. Allowing us to meet with schools is one of the biggest ways we can hope for change in the suicide epidemic and mental health crisis we have with young people. Many school districts don't have a lot of mental health education happening for students, as many students are unaware of resources and help that is out there should they need it.

  • Through public activism, we are able to work with local, state, and federal politicians, lawmakers, and officials on making sure that appropriate laws exist for topics like bullying, dating abuse, partner violence and harassment, cyberbullying, internet crime, college sexual assault, and various other topics that affect young people.

  • Through social media, we are able to share valuable information, run numerous support groups, partner with colleges and schools on advocacy, activism, and education, and host a following of over 2.9 million followers across all of our social media accounts and another 3 million across our extended accounts that allow us to reach people quickly and push our message onto the internet.

  • Allows for the creation of college toolkits and workshops, the editing and development of our educational material, and allows us to get this information into schools and online.

  • Less than 10% of your donation goes to our administrative office for office management, business tools, law and business fees, and various other admin tasks and expenses. Over 90% directly goes into our mission and our work.

Why does my donation matter?

All of this and more is able to be accomplished because of our donors and partners. At the One Life project, we take pride in having low operational costs, meaning that over 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly into furthering our mission in various ways. Even just a one dollar donation can print several programs for school students which can make all the difference if it gets into the hands of someone who is struggling, suicidal, or in need of support. As we continue to expand our mission and those we serve, we thank all of our private donors and our corporate partners. Without you, this would simply not exist.

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