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College Students: Campus Sexual Assault

Statistics and research show that reports of sexual assault indicate that one in 5 women and one in 16 men experience sexual assault when in college. Nearly two-thirds of students on campus will experience some form of sexual harassment, with less than 10% of these students reporting it to the university or an employee. Below, find the most common statistics on sexual assault within the college community:

  • 20-25% of women will experience sexual assault during college.

  • 6-7% of men will experience sexual assault during college.

  • 90% of sexual assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows.

  • 84% of female survivors report that they were assaulted during the first three semesters at college.

  • Some rapes are part of a serial offense, meaning that the perpetrator commits several sexual assaults each year.

  • 67% of sexual assault survivors report being stalked by their attacker.

  • 43% of college women report that while dating, they experienced violent and abusive behavior including physical, sexual, and technology based abuse

  • More than 53% of college students report dating violence while enrolled in college and dating.

  • Transgender and LGBTQ+ students are up to nine times more likely to experience sexual assault or violence while at college.

  • Of all the sexual assaults that occur on campus, only 12% are reported to police with only 7% of incapacitated sexual assaults being reported to police.

  • 2-9% of rapes are false reports, which is NOT higher than any other false report of a crime. This number also includes recants, when a person recants their story and decides to discontinue their report.

  • Men are up to ten times more likely to not tell anyone about their sexual assault, in fear of embarrassment or judgement.

More Campus Sexual Assault Statistics

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