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Young Adults and Mental Health

Over the last few years, over 48% of young adults reported various mental health symptoms and, among those with symptoms, 39% used prescription medications and/or received counseling, and a large portion reported not coming forward for help after dealing with mental health symptoms and/or suicidal thoughts.


Young Adults and Stress

According to data released in October 2023, adults ages 18 to 25 are nearly twice as likely as teenagers to suffer from anxiety and depression. A lot of people believe that mental health struggles, self esteem issues, and other teen related stressors go away when a person outgrows being a teenager, but this simply is not true. Young adults have unique stressors including deciding what to do after high school, the stress of college for those that go, having to find work and budgeting, and balancing all of that with meeting new people and making new friends. It can be very overwhelming for young people.

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