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Be Proud: Spreading Equality For All

Pride is a very important feeling that we should all embrace. We are all different and special in many ways. We are made that way so that our world isn’t a boring place and so we can be ourselves. Being unique is beautiful, and allowing that special part of you to shine brings a feeling of pride. Be proud to be you.

This world is composed of many people. People who love differently, people of different shades of color, people of different heritages, and so on. We also each have individual differences. Some people dress differently, some struggle with disability, some people’s bodies are different sizes and weights, and so on. The things that make up you, the different styles, your weight, your intelligence level, and who you love are not something you should ever hide or be ashamed of. Be proud of who you are despite what others think of you.

Unfortunately, people judge what they don’t understand and what is different about others. Many face bullying and discrimination for their uniqueness. When you think of it, bullying and discrimination are very similar. Victims of bullying and discrimination are both targets, put down verbally, harmed physically, and judged for being different. Both are a form of abuse of innocent people who just want love and acceptance. Bullying and discrimination are something we should stand up above and fight against. Don’t be afraid of haters; be


I was bullied throughout school due to my learning disability. My classmates and teachers called me “retarded” because they didn’t understand what a learning disability was. They unfairly judged me and tore me down. Then as an adult I faced prejudices because I have mental illness. One therapist said I was cutting myself to hurt others when it was the only

way I knew how to cope with my inner pain. Another therapist said I needed to go on Social Security Disability because I couldn’t work with mental illness. I refused that advise and

have worked the same job for twenty-seven and a half years. A manager at my job said I was a danger to employees and customers because I have mental illness, and yet I’m loved by many customers and fellow employees.

I am unique; I have mental illness, I have a learning disability, I don’t wear makeup, the only jewelry I wear is my engagement and wedding rings, I like jeans and slip on pants, I

wear T-shirts, and I don’t like girly things. I’m proud to show the world who I am. I tell my story about my mental illness in my blog Finding the Light and I wrote a book, Escape to the

Garage: Family Love Overcomes Bullying about how I was bullied and slowly slipped into mental illness. I am telling the world with pride all about what makes me who I am. I’m not afraid anymore to allow the real me to shine.

This month is all about being proud of who you love and your uniqueness. It’s about being kind to each other, letting the world see you for the person you are, for being able to

stand up for your rights as a part of the LBGTQ+ community. Don’t hide who you are meant to be because people are judgmental, and they don’t understand. Show yourself off with pride. Stand tall and proud. Never deny who you were born to be. Never try to change who you are to satisfy others. Stay true to yourself and be proud to be you.

I’m proud to have family members who are part of the LBGTQ+ community. I’ll defend them with all my love against others who put them down. Their hearts were made to love differently than mine and I believe that’s what makes them shine. They are a special part of my life and I stand proud this pride month to celebrate them as the special people they are.

Happy pride month to all of you. Let’s celebrate the wonderful, unique people you are. Be proud to be you.

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