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Helping One Person At A Time Through Volunteering

We can all reach out and help each other through volunteering. Giving a little bit of your time to a cause that means a lot to you strengthens you as a person and helps you help others. There are a lot of organizations that need help, but one that means a lot to me is The One Life Project created by Alexander Kovarovic. This program fights for teens, college students, and young adults who are struggling with mental illness.

One Life Project’s mission statement is: The One Life Project works to build and create a kinder world where we educate, advocate for, and support teens, college students, and young adults who are struggling with mental health in the hopes of preventing suicide in young people and ending the stigma that surrounds mental health.

I volunteered several years ago with another nonprofit Alexander ran. I believe so strongly in Alexander’s missions that I agreed to volunteer with his new nonprofit, the One Life Project. The Project’s mission means a lot to me. I use my blog to fight the stigma that surrounds mental illness, to educate others, and to inspire those who struggle with mental illness to fight for recovery. By volunteering for One Life Project, I am taking my advocacy even further to help in an even bigger way.

(Image: Aimee Eddy, Director of Education and Research, left, and Alexander Kovarovic, Executive Director, right, volunteer for a few hours at a food pantry distribution site in Albany, NY.)

I am assistant to the director of One Life Project, and I will be dealing with research and education. It is an important position. I will have other volunteers under me who I will direct to do research that will be put on One Life’s website. It’s important that we provide as much information to the public as possible to help educate, guide, and save lives. I can also do some research of my own. I also write for the Project’s blog.

You don’t have to sacrifice hours that you could be working, spending with family, studying for school, and so on to volunteer. I am volunteering on my days off. If you can only give one day a week or a couple hours, your help is valued. Volunteering for One Life Project is your chance to help others learn about mental illness and to help those who are suffering with this awful illness. There are many ways you can volunteer and there are many aspects to this project. To explore the project and to find out about volunteering, go to their site at Inspire Kindness | One Life Project (

A lot of issues tie into mental illness such as bullying, dating abuse, sexual abuse, suicide, and more. One Life Project deals with every aspect of mental illness and even the related issues. We put together information to educate, train, and inform society about these topics. One Life Project also arranges events to bring awareness to mental illness. It’s our job as volunteers to reach out and help others. We may be just helping one person at a time or maybe hundreds. We are helping save lives and bring change into our world by volunteering to this nonprofit.

Suicide is a big problem among our teens, college students, and young adults. Young people are taking their lives because they feel there is no other way. They’re struggling and are afraid there is no help for them. By bringing awareness to suicide prevention and mental illness, we can give these younger people a second chance at life. We can show them there are other choices and there is help. How can you turn down this chance? How can you not volunteer for this project?

According to the World Health Organization, “Globally, one in seven 10-19-year-olds experiences a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group. Depression, anxiety, and behavioral disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents.” You can find this information at Mental health of adolescents ( That is a lot of young people who need help. Imagine giving a young person a chance to get help and reach recovery.

One Life Projects motto says it all, “Be true, be you, be kind.” The goal is to create a kinder, more understanding, and accepting society for everyone despite their differences. The Project accepts everyone as the special unique individual they are. Please consider volunteering.

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