Our mission

The One Life Project works to educate, advocate for, and support teens and young adults who are struggling with mental health, dating abuse, and/or bullying in the hopes of ending teen suicide and the stigma that surrounds mental health. The One Life Project is also home to Our Colors United, an online social movement that supports LGBTQ+ teens and youth.

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our motto

Our nonprofit's motto 'be true, be you, be kind' represents our mission and values as we work to create a world that's kinder and more understanding of our individual differences.

get help

The Crisis Text Line can be reached 24/7 anywhere in the United States by texting 'HELLO' to 741-741. A trained crisis counselor will answer your text and assist you with anything you'd like to talk about.

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Colored Space

988 is now available nationwide!

Starting in July 2022, anyone in the United States can dial 988 to reach a trained crisis suicide prevention counselor. Crisis counselors can assist with mental health emergencies, suicide crisis, and substance abuse.

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we can help save lives.

Along with our mission of ending teen suicide, the One Life Project is also home to Our Colors United, a social media movement that works to support and advocate for LGBTQ+ youth.

Teen Suicide Prevention

Teen Bullying Prevention

Teen Dating Abuse Prevention

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