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About Us and Our Mission

The One Life Project is dedicated to empowering and uplifting teens and young adults through mental health education, advocacy, and support. Our mission is to break down barriers, challenge stigmas, and foster a culture where every young person feels seen, heard, and supported in their mental health journey. We strive to provide education, support, and an environment that equips youth with the knowledge and tools to navigate life's challenges, build resilience, and foster emotional well-being. Through dynamic advocacy initiatives, we aim to create systemic change, ensuring that mental health support is accessible, destigmatized, and integrated into every school and community in the country. Through well researched and team developed programming (such as our 2024 Hope Matters program), we equip schools with the support they need to support their students. Through our own support services, including a chat helpline, online and interactive support groups, a national resource center, and working to create a safe place where all young people feel a sense of belonging, we work to gain a voice in every community across the country. The One Life Project is committed to cultivating a community where the power of kindness and compassion paves the way for a brighter future, one where every youth recognizes their intrinsic value and potential. Together, we advocate for a world where mental health is a priority, and every young person has the opportunity to thrive, despite their race, sexual orientation, or gender identity. ♡

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Educate. Learn. Support.

Our Education and Research Center is dedicated to advancing education and research for the betterment of society. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to fostering knowledge, understanding, kindness, support, and positive societal change. Through cutting-edge research initiatives and impactful youth and college educational programs, we strive to illuminate the path to positivity and progress.

The One Life Project serves as a catalyst for mental health education, activism efforts, and award winning educational seminars and school workshops. Through research efforts, polling, training, and partnerships with universities, government centers, health centers, and more, we're able to create thousands of educational material pieces each year that are distributed online, in communities, and at school assemblies and workshops. 

Education about mental health is crucial for several reasons, as it plays a significant role in individual well-being, societal understanding, and the overall promotion of mental health. From ending stigma, to creating supportive environments, and promoting positive self-care, mental health education is very important, especially when working with young adults and teens.

At the One Life Project, we believe that education and research are powerful tools for transformation, and together, we can pave the way to a kinder and more understanding future.

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Radiate Confidence
Self-Care and Self-Esteem

The One Life Project has a strong focus on research, education, and advocacy for promoting positive self-care and self-esteem in youth and young adults. In the formative years of adolescence and young adulthood, the importance of self-esteem cannot be overstated. This period is marked by significant physical, emotional, and social changes, making the development of positive self-esteem a foundational aspect of well-being.


Young people with healthy self-esteem are better equipped to navigate the challenges of identity formation, peer relationships, and academic pursuits. As young people transition into adulthood, the impact of a positive self-esteem resonates in their ability to face life's complexities with a sense of self-worth, contributing to mental and emotional flourishing. 

Self-care for young people is of paramount importance as it provides a vital foundation for their overall well-being during the transformative years of adolescence and young adulthood. This period is marked by academic pressures, social challenges, and the exploration of identity, making the cultivation of healthy self-care practices essential. Engaging in self-care empowers young individuals to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical health, fostering resilience in the face of various stressors. Things such as working out, drawing, listening to music, and taking a long drive all are ways we can care for ourselves. 

Volunteer With Us

Join the One Life Project in our mission to make a positive impact on mental health advocacy and education. As a volunteer, you become a vital part of a community dedicated to fostering understanding, breaking down stigmas, and promoting mental well-being. Whether you're passionate about education, advocacy, event coordination, social media, content creation, research, or community outreach, we welcome diverse skills and perspectives.

Volunteering with us means contributing to initiatives that empower individuals, create awareness, and advocate for a more inclusive and compassionate society. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those navigating mental health challenges.

Join us in building a future where youth mental health is a priority, a place where individuals feel supported, understood, and empowered. Your commitment can be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of many. Together, we can create a world filled with more kindness, compassion, and love for others. ♡ 

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Our Colors United

In June of 2023, the One Life Project launched Our Colors United, an online LGBTQ+ education and activism team that operates within the One Life Project to promote education, inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ+ youth across social media and online. It quickly took off and just 6 months later, we have over 100k followers across the Our Colors United social media pages that have formed a community to provide a safe place for LGBTQ+ youth, their families, and their allies to come to feel accepted, heard, and supported.

Suicide rates over the last few decades have tripled for college students. Learn how to spot the warning signs

45% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered suicide in the last year and 60% of LGBTQ+ young people who wanted mental health care were not able to get it

90¢ of every $1 goes directly to helping teens and young people with mental health advocacy, education, and support

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